The Zephyr Return 2021

Returned to Salt Lake City via the Amtrak Zephyr. Having taken that train from Denver to San Francisco, wanted to experience the trip in reverse. There is something inspiring about this train ride through the Rockies, and if you have the chance, take it.

Was concerned how to get to the Emeryville Amtrak station from San Francisco, however, Amtrak had it covered with a free bus on Mission and 55th in San Francisco. And while there enjoy the art near the stop.

Drive to Emeryville was quick with attractive bay views. The train station was organized and clean with friendly Amtrak staff.

Emeryville Train Station
Subway is across the street.

There was a short wait due to a track accident, however, there was much station activity with the 100 plus line of trains picking up the slack in light of the truck driver shortage.

And if you need bike storage, it’s available.

The Trip in pictures

The California Foothills

California Wetlands – roads suspended over the water

Apple Trees abound

as do the mountains,

and lakes.

Then evening arrives and what a wonderful way to end a beautiful journey..

Thanks, Amtrak.

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