In the South all blondes win…

Commercials are so annoying,

As I watch the local television commercials I tire of what I see. Skinny white women with low cut v neck form fitting dresses selling everything from dental care to cars. Sometimes they even wear mid-thigh boots in these commercials, and if they are carrying a gun we all know their product will be sold.

Couldn’t find an emoji with a gun

We all know sex sells. Just have to check out the female fox news gals to reinforce that. And if you really want to get up close and personal with them, see Bombshell, where their clothing room is exposed revealing their high heel collection, as well as enhancements to augment breast and a-s size.

If only slightly..

Where am I going with this? Dam if I know, but maybe the dems should consider this in the next election. They say Dr. Jill Biden is a bigger drawing card than the Prez. See what I mean? Point taken.

Another idea – dye every female dem running blonde.

Would love to see Nancy Pelosi as a blonde.

Maybe we could finally get rid of that prick McConnell if we had a sexy blonde running against him. No man would even think about the cost of gas or the economy with that scenario.

Am watching the Georgia race for Attorney General to test my theory.

Jen Jordan is beautiful and smart so she is a good test case.

Go Jen! You’ve got what it takes..

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