Holiday Visit 2022

Decided to get together with daughter and beau between the holidays. 

In reviewing the weather predictions believe our decision was correct.

Climate change will continue to plague travel, and while Pete B. is on it, little he can do to control weather.  However, in his defense much has been done to change airlines regulations, and create computerized tools to assist with travel notifications.

Travelers need to plan ahead with scheduled events like a cruise.  Arrive a day or two early, and explore the area. While on my England cruise in June 2022, heard many folks speak of enjoying the Southampton area. They arrived 2 days early pre-cruise. This was wise as some missed flights and found themselves dockside with the ship departed.  And cruise lines don’t allow passengers to join at the next dock, thus loosing the entire cruise.

All that said let’s start next blog with the first leg of this holiday excursion — a Carnival cruise to the Bahamas.

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