Transition Day and on to Providence, Rhode Island

Once the suitcase was repacked from summer to winter gear in the Florida cruise parking lot journeyed to Orlando Airport. Was another stellar day, and grateful as the mid-west was being plummeted with snow. Good for the reservoirs.

Haven’t heard the friendly Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer overhead messages in quite some time, and missed his greeting.

Orlando is a great airport, busy, but well maintained.

Photo by Jeffry Surianto on

Am back in love with Delta, my go to airline, however, continue to mask with current conditions.

In searching for a free Delta picture found there is a Delta museum in Atlanta on, (of course), Delta Blvd. Will have to check that out in the future. Here’s their web site for those Delta fans,

Landed in La Guardia promptly, and subway’ed over to Brooklyn to begin our journey to Newport, Rhode Island. Was greeted by Rocco, the grand-dog, who continues to be in a puppy state of exploring and getting into trouble. He somehow found vitamin packets in my suitcase and consumed fish oil capsules, and vitamin e. After investigating several web sites we found these to be non-toxic, and notified his care giver for while we were away.

Later we found he had colorful poo but no after effects.

On to Providence..

Providence State Capitol

Found Providence to be a interesting city with much history. Stopped at the Roger Williams House for a visit, and a “stamp” as my daughter is a collector of National Park stamps. Traveling with her and the beau is different than going solo, however, we have traveled together before and successfully. In November 2019, we even managed to be safe while the Proud Boys carried on in our Washington DC hotel. Oh, what a visit!

Back to Roger Williams.. During the development of our Country Rhode Island was a harbor of many escaping religious persecution. Roger Williams believed that religion must not be subject to persecution and his ideas eventually became part of our First Amendment US Constitution which states,

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

At the site there is an interesting movie, informed rangers to answer all questions, and during the summer a 17th Century colonial herb garden to view.

I also found a Volunteer-In-Park brochure which will explore. This would be an excellent senior volunteer experience for those interested in history, and getting involved in a positive volunteer experience. For more information

Providence is also the home of Brown University, and Providence College. After our visit to Roger Williams we drove through the streets lined with perfectly restored historic homes.

Like stepping back into the 1700’s.

Having followed Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island’s former governor, and now our 40th Secretary of Commerce, knew there was a large Italian area in Providence. Sought out some Italian food, baked goods, and wine during our stroll. Quaint, and well decorated for the holiday had a fun visit.

Besides the Federal Hill area of Providence also visit Downtown as beautiful restored buildings and shops are available for retail delight.

On to Newport, Rhode Island a short jaunt away!

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