Niagara Falls State Park

All these attractions were closed on the day of my early April visit. Call ahead.

And to visit the Canadian side a passport is required and a $1. fee to cross the Rainbow Bridge.

This Park was established in 1885, and it remains a glorious feat. What a beautiful spot with picnic tables and a beautiful bird trail. The bus stopped a stones throw from the Park, however, there is a trolley and bicycles to rent. The main island to visit on the American side is Goat Island, and off that is the Three Sisters Island. Since much of the American side is under construction did a walk through of this beautiful Park then journeyed over the Rainbow Bridge to the Canadian side for better views.

While the Park holds many picnic benches do not recommend bringing children, especially curious ones unless they are in a carriage or tethered. The rushing Niagara River has few barriers and is quite frankly scary. However, for us older folk it is a wonderful peek into the power of water.

The rushing Niagara River with views of the Canadian Skyline of Niagara Falls

75000 gallons of water fall over the Niagara’s per second.

Bird Trail – saw many beautiful birds on the walk along the Niagara. Sadly, only caught one on camera.

Views From 3 Sisters Island

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