This new opera premiered in St. Louis in 2013, and was the first composed by Terence Blanchard. In his work he depicts the life of Emile Griffith, a world-champion boxer born in the Virgin Islands who emigrated to New York City. Prior to finding his calling in the ring he worked in a hat factory. The opera touches on many of the difficulties Emile faced in the 1960’s as a bisexual.

The music was beautiful, passionate, and the story line fascinating. Set design was impeccable. My only complaint -3 hours is too long for a performance.

Besides the amazing opera another show took place watching the NYC crowd in their finery. While I took few pics as the prominent deserve anonymity, being in that ambience was something to behold.

The Lincoln Center Doorman

And did I catch a man in a skirt??

I certainly did!

And always amazing, the stage and house…

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