The Nurses Cap

When I went to nursing school close to 50 years ago, (1976 HVCC graduate, Troy, N.Y), we wore nursing caps. Nowadays, new bucks don’t even know what a nursing cap is, and doubt they receive a pin signifying what nursing school they attended.

Yesterday, when I viewed the nursing students arriving internally I rolled my eyes. Their hair was long, billowing over their shoulders, and the uniform – well there is none, and their attire was akin to pajamas – all wrinkled and a mess. Perhaps they were pajamas and they merely wore them to work?? And since this is a psych unit one wore “regular” clothes which was boots and a dress which barely covered her tail.

I guess I am getting old – but wait, I am old.

All that said — I was pleased to find the following in the hospital hallway giving tribute to the “cap.” Take a look and a read.

I find it fascinating I am now a part of history.

One final look at history..

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