Memorial Art Gallery

The Memorial Art Gallery resides in a former University of Rochester dorm with modern extensions. It is a memorial to James George Averell, a grandson of Hiram Sibley, an American industrialist who pioneered the telegraph. Averell, sadly, died at 26.

Prior to entering the Museum explore the grounds as there is an eclectic group of sculptures.

There is a playground of sorts for children to climb on the statutes as this little one did.

Much of the Museum’s masters, and there are many, came from the George Eastman collection as well as other wealthy businessmen of the area.

Each year the Museum sponsors the Finger Lakes Festival, which is now in its 68th year. Interspersed with the masters are local artists of notoriety and found it to be an interesting and well developed collection. In the next blog will highlight some of my favorite pics. Stay tuned..

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