San Antonio continues..

By 3 pm heavy downpours of rain had begun so my daughter and I went into the city to visit the San Antonio Museum of Art. Since HEB, (the famous supermarket), had sponsored a free visit from 4-9 we grabbed an adult beverage at the Emma Hotel.

The Emma Hotel was once a 19th century brewhouse and has been renovated to maintain that atmosphere. The man who owned the brewhouse was murdered by one of his girlfriends and his wife successfully continued the business through prohibition and beyond. San Antonio also has an amazing river walk with many quaint spots, however the rain precluded our outside visits.

At 4 pm we made our way to the museum and what an amazing place that was! As a former New Yorker who is a museum and arts hound I was extremely impressed. Oil money well donated and at work here. There was even a wing donated by Nelson Rockefeller, a descendant of Standard Oil fame, as well as a prominent New York State governor, and our 41st Vice President.

The Museum was formerly the home of Lone Star Brewery and while I enjoyed the Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, European and Latin American art I would have enjoyed a movie on how the building was renovated. It must have been quite a feat.

While I could rattle on about the glories of the Museum a picture is worth a thousand words so will close with these shots. It is a must see…

Thanks, HEB for your generosity. Local folks bring your children here on Tuesday nights 4-9.

Don’t miss the Dale Chihuly ceiling as you leave the museum.
It’s breathtaking. One of his finest.

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