D drive blues

After arriving home I decided it was time to catch up on my financials. Pulling out the folder of receipts I booted up the laptop and inserted Mr. D., my external hard drive.

Once inserted no folders appeared in view. Concerned regarding this finding I shut down the computer and rebooted with the drive inserted. Still no luck. After an hour or so doing several permutations of the like I realized Mr. D. had died.

While I like to say RIP, (rest in peace), I knew my fate and this was not peaceful. Only two years ago I was in the same pickle and knew his demise would mean a trip to the office supply box store and a $400 fee. The last visit I was assured in my upgrade from thumb drive to Mr. D., this situation was resolved.

Don’t you just hate it when computers let you down? I think I’m returning to paper.

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