Las Vegas: Last Day Valley of Fire State Park and Bellagio waters..

Started my last day with a tour of the Valley of Fire State Park. This canyon is about an hour outside of Las Vegas and gives the visitor another view of the State. The Canyon is in the Red Rocks and sources claim it to be one of the top 10 spots for hiking in the United States. This locale was formerly under an ocean and now the sandstone rocks belong to a desert.

Here are some pictures from the Nevada State web site as my camera malfunctioned. An interesting video on the history of the area can be seen at Check it out. Also in the Park is a museum with a great retail store where I purchased many Christmas presents for my camping daughter and future son in law.

The famous elephant rock formation

After returning from the Lost Canyon I collapsed into a deep slumber. Waking late I dashed to The Bellagio for my last view of the dancing waters. Enjoy.

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