Poll Working

Today I begin my new job. I will be a poll worker in a red county as a blue voter. Yes, I will keep my mouth shut, and as I was once told – “Two ears, one mouth use them accordingly.”

Have to watch those eyes also..

When I had the gall bladder surgery I informed the office I would be unable to work, however, they continued to check on me. Nice touch. Heard from others that though it was a 12 hour day much time is spent sitting so I retained my schedule, and have actually added days. Pay is nominal, but have been unable to work since February so every little bit helps. Then when I checked the schedule noted many empty slots.

There is a great need for workers.

Studies prove mail in ballots are as safe as in person voting. ?Cheaper? Let me know.

I see this as my civic duty, and while it may prove more dangerous than my psych nurse days when I got my head and other bodily parts knocked in, it is my duty as a citizen.

Am sure there will be many untold stories from this event.

Stay posted.

The secrets behind the curtain.

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