Christmas Decorations

Today I am taking a break from politics, am cleaning the house, and decorating. Being away from the condo the last 2 years have not decorated and while not a holiday buff I like to decorate. Am grateful to have this time, and even more grateful to have received a $90. bill for a $25,000. hospital stay. Only in American. Thanks, Medicare and Humana.

Will take a break from emails, texts, and maybe the news, however the last is doubtful. Receiving as many as 60 text and email pleas from across the country for campaign contributions is concerning. And while I give minimal to each it does add up, however, what cost for democracy.

The latest news has shown we will continue our roller coaster ride with its many ups, downs and twirls:

  • Oprah endorsed Fetterman
  • Lady La La must testify in Georgia
  • Prince Harry’s new book about the royals
  • the orange prez will announce after mid-terms
  • iran is supplying weapons to russia
  • Ukraine persists
  • Drought in California
  • Climate Change Concerns
  • Musk owns Twitter – hold on to your hat..

However on the bright side, Powerball is at $1.6 billion – buy your ticket tonight!


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