Shalanda Young Director of the Office of Management and Budget

This 45 year old woman from Louisiana was educated at Loyola and Tulane University. Her voice is key as law makers raise concerns over funding the government. Accolades from both sides are written of her, and while her office is little known it holds immense power and authority. She is a central figure to President Joe Biden. Known as a deal maker and problem solver she is one to watch and respect.

During her March 2021 confirmation hearing she was in her first weeks of pregnancy, giving birth to her first child and daughter, Charlie in October.

“She can cut through all of the, as Joe Biden would say, ‘malarkey,’ and get to the heart of the issue,” Sen. Susan Collins, a Maine Republican and senior member of the Appropriations panel, told CNN in an interview. “She understands that members are going to have policy concerns, that we are going to have parochial interests – and that many of us want to get to an outcome.”

*CNN internet article 10/22/22

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